Bed Bug Infestation? The Signs To Look For

bed bug warning signs article midwest pestA bed bug infestation is not something to take lightly. Once bed bugs have taken up residence and begin to spread there isn’t much you can do as they can hide anywhere and come out at night to feed. Since bed bugs only look to be active in the dark, bites typically occur at night while the victim sleeps. Bed Bugs bite everybody but only certain people will have an allergic reaction and break out, which will cause redness, itchiness and swelling around the bite marks.

Other signs may include, blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases, dark or rusty spots of bed bug excrement on sheets and mattresses, bed bug fecal spots on headboards and walls and a musty odor released from the bed bug scent glands. Rarely will occupants see live insects crawling about unless they are disturbed and dislodged from a hiding place. Other obvious signs may include, shed skins or bug shells and dead insects.

Thoroughly Inspect for Bed Bugs

If you suspect a bed bug infestation a more thorough investigation is necessary. Begin by removing all bedding and thoroughly inspect the bedding for signs of excrement and blood stains. Mattresses and box springs should be examined along the seems and wood framing. Bed bug excrement may be hard to see and bites may not become prevalent for weeks, so it may be necessary to consult with a professional.

Bed bugs can also infest other parts of your home so be sure to inspect all areas around the bed such as books, carpets and clothing. It’s important to eliminate them at their source wherever they may be hiding or the infestation can spread to other areas of the home.

During the early stages of an infestation, bed bugs take up residence around the seams of the mattress, eventually spreading to the cracks in the bed frame and exposed crevices in baseboards, pictures, windows and door casings, wallpaper and other dark and inviting hiding places near their human hosts.

Bed Bugs Are Resilient Pests

Bed bugs are extremely resilient insects and are difficult to detect prior to feeding. Bed bugs can survive more than a year without feeding, but most adults and nymphs rarely live more than six months without a meal.

Adults are wingless, about one-fourth of an inch long and have mostly flat bodies which allows them to hide by day in the cracks and crevices of bedding, walls and other dark hiding places. Females typically lay three to five adhesive eggs per day. Eggs and newly hatched nymphs are somewhat translucent and only about one-sixteenth of an inch long. After feeding, nymphs become bright red.

Bed Bugs Are A Nuisance

Bed bugs are a nuisance that can destroy your property so it’s important to eliminate them immediately upon discovering that you have a bed bug problem. A professional should be consulted as they will know how to thoroughly inspect and eliminate bed bugs from your home.

Control is difficult at best and with the potential explosion of an infestation, early detection is extremely important. A trained professional knows what to look for and where. The professionals at Midwest Pest Control have decades of experience dealing with bed bugs and many other types of insect infestations. Please contact us immediately if you need a bed bug infestation exterminated from your home.

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Learn About the Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation
There are specific signs to look for when you think you may have a bed bug infestation. This article helps the reader understand what to look for as Bed Bugs are a nuisance and can have damaging affects to both people and their homes.
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